What’s That Wednesdays: Facebook Sales Funnels

If you’re involved in the social media game, you’ve more than likely heard of a Facebook sales funnel. You’ve also probably said “What the f%^k is that?”!

A Facebook sales funnel captures users interest and nurtures them until they are ready to purchase.

It uses relevant messaging and content to effectively engage with users at each stage of their buyer’s journey.

The idea is to slowly move them along the buyer’s journey until they are buying your product and promoting your brand.

If you’re tired of seeing your organic posts get zero reach and your paid ad spend go to waste, it’s time to build a Facebook sales funnel.

To fully tap in to Facebook’s sales potential, remind your audience of their pain points & get them thinking about purchase decisions, you need a funnel.

Putting them together is rewarding, but will take consistent work. You know this is social media, right?

1. Create content for various segments

Any sales funnel requires a variety of content to be at your disposal.  An ebook, a blog, a video, or something else is what’s required.

Make sure this content comes from or is on your website, so when it’s time to move leads further down the funnel, it’s ready to go.

Facebook sales funnel
HubSpot’s ebook, taken from their site, is a perfect example of the first stage of a funnel.

It’s irrelevant exactly what the content form is. What matters is its quality, its relevance to what you’re selling and how engaging it is.

For each segment of your audience, you should have a different form of content.

A cold buyer might have little interest in any purchase and are just looking to establish exactly what their dilemma or issue is.

A warm buyer is close to making their purchase decision and just needs that prod from you in the right direction!

You will have cold and warm buyers, and they will all be at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

As such, a variety of content will make sure you have something for everyone. That way, everyone is now apart of your beautiful sales funnel.

2. Target promotion at your warm buyers

The next step is to target your warm buyers.

They are almost ready to buy and have demonstrated interest, so it makes sense to hit them with content first, right?

This should include your Facebook audience and those who are on your retargeting list on your automation platform (HubSpot or otherwise, Digital Daze doesn’t discriminate).

This is where your automation platform comes in handy.

Use it to analyse the engagement of the targeted content, and determine which content performs best.

If your warm buyers like it, then your cold buyers should too.

Facebook sales funnel

3. Lookalike audiences

Now it’s time to target what Facebook call ‘lookalike audiences’.

These are users who boast clear similarities in interests, habits and behaviours to the audience you have already built on your page.

Pretty awesome, right? It’s essentially Facebook saying “hey here’s a bunch of people that behave just like the people who currently spend money on your products”.

As a result, you’ve got a mass of cold buyers just waiting to be warmed up quickly!

So it’s time to target them.

Facebook sales funnel

Once you’ve chosen to create one, you’ll get a variety of options.

You have to choose a source, location and an audience size.

For source, this can be a pixel, a page or a custom audience.

Your location and size will be anything from 1 to 10 percent of the population of your nation/s chosen.

The smaller the percentage chosen, the closer your lookalike audience will match your current audience!

Once you select ‘create audience’, you’ve got a great bunch of new leads in your cold audience ready to be warmed up.


4. Fire up your best content

Now it’s time to use that content you’d saved from Step 2. Whatever form it is, it’s time to expose it to your cold buyers.

The best case scenario is you move significant number of buyers into your funnel and further along their buyer’s journey. They should become part of your warm audience.

To do this, make sure the content is appealing to their pain points and overcoming their objections. They need to know they need this product!

By this stage, they really should know who your brand is and should be interested in making a purchase.

5. It’s re-marketing time

Of course, you’re not gonna move EVERYONE into your funnel first go.

People take time to make these decisions and they aren’t all going to love your brand right away. They will need to see your content several times before they decide to go with you.

To get them moving, you’ve got to re-market them with a beautiful Facebook pixel.

Click on the bolded link to see a great guide from Social Media Examiner on how to make one of these pixels.

If you don’t know what re-marketing is, that’s cool! It’s a cool little trick that allows you to place targeted ads on the feed of a user who has already visited your site. Very useful.

A Facebook pixel lets you track who visits your site and who they are on Facebook, making it easy to re-market them.


Re-marketing can be done with any form of content, and it should aim to create greater interest in the buyer and get them to a landing page.

Keep it simple and try and entice them. Don’t go all bombastic and try to sell them something right away – it won’t work.

Any content that encourages action by a user is most effective here. You want them seriously considering making the move to the landing page by the time the re-marketing is complete.

If that doesn’t work, you can try to get users to fill out forms and get them on a newsletter or mail list. Just don’t lose your leads!

6. Go for broke!

Now it’s time to convert those leads who checked out an offer but didn’t commit to purchase.

They’ve had a look at your ebook. They’ve seen your re-marketing ads. They know you’re a solution to their problem. But they just haven’t bought your product.

They’re at the last stage of the sales funnel, and this is where your best sales skills come in to play.

Create an ad convincing them of why they should purchase your product. Leave them with no doubt your product is their problem solution.

What often works, and you’ve probably seen it on your own feed, is to create an ad similar to “Hey [Name], you were looking at [Content] but forgot to buy [product].

Your leads are ready to buy because of your wonderful sales funnel, so make it happen.


There are your 6 steps for creating a winning Facebook sales funnel. It’ll take hard work, analysis and effective content to succeed, but the results will be worthwhile.

Stop wasting time and money on directionless content. Build a funnel and start making strategic moves.

I hope that helped clear up for you what can be a confusing process. Come back every Wednesday for more explanations on social media tools, terminology and processes!




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